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We are an independent film production company based in Brighton, UK. Masterminded by the UK’s youngest film director, Elliott Hasler (“the next Spielberg”).

Our debut feature,‘WWII – The Long Road Home’, a second war epic based on Hasler’s own great-grandfather’s wartime experiences, premiered as part of the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals in 2017, originally as ‘Charlie’s Letters’. The film was lauded by critics, with Culture Trip magazine citing the film “a miracle” achievement.

Currently in production is our second feature, ‘Vindication Swim’, a biopic of Mercedes Gleitze who in 1927 became the first British woman to swim the English Channel. ‘Vindication Swim’ promises to be the most ambitious and exciting indie-film project ever attempted.

Besides our feature work, there is also a slate of short films, including ’To Hunt a Tiger’, which premiered in 2019 on the overwater cinema at Soneva Jani’s luxury Maldives resort.

Vindication Swim - Our Latest Feature Film

After successfully battling 1920s patriarchal British society, a swimmer is forced to fight a rival in order to retain her record as the first English woman to swim the Channel.

Vindication Swim – Feature Film Now in Production

We are excited to announce our latest project, ‘Vindication Swim’ – a feature length film currently shooting.

The inspirational story of swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, who, having battled the waters of the English Channel and the patriarchal society of 1927, is forced into a fight to retain her record as the first English woman to swim the Channel.

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Our Latest Short movie ‘To Hunt a Tiger’

To Hunt a Tiger premiere at Soneva Jani Luxury Resort in The Maldives

To Hunt A Tiger

From acclaimed director Elliott Hasler, hailed as “the next Spielberg”, comes a remarkable tale of love, loss and adventure.

Set against the backdrop of early 20th Century India, a troubled English hunter travels to West Bengal with the intention of hunting an illusive and magnificent tiger.

Shot on location in Sri Lanka following in footsteps of David Lean’s ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, starring John Locke (Darkest Hour, The Favourite), Charlotte Peters (Pound of Flesh, Interlude in Prague), with Abhinav Varma as ‘The Guide’ and introducing David Aitchison as ‘The Hunter’.

"This 17 year old Brit might be the next Steven Spielberg..."

Film Critic Graham Fuller's Review of Charlie's Letters

WWII – The Long Road Home

Our debut feature, ‘WWII – The Long Road Home’, which premiered in 2017 as part of the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals, originally as ‘Charlie’s Letter’s’.

Inspired by director Elliott Hasler’s great-grandfather’s own experiences, ‘Charlie’s Letters’ depicts an escaped British POW’s epic battle for survival whilst on the run in war-torn Italy, as his wife and young son anxiously await news in England.

Completed when Hasler was just sixteen years old, this impressive debut was shot across five countries and spent three years in production.

Upon its release the film was lauded “a miracle” by critics with Hasler being cited as “the next Spielberg” (Culture Trip).

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