Vindication Swim - Our Latest Feature Film

Due for release in 2021. After successfully battling 1920s patriarchal British society, a swimmer is forced to fight a rival in order to retain her record as the first English woman to swim the Channel.

Welcome to Relsah Productions

We are an independent film and television production company based in Brighton, directed by Elliott Hasler who is currently the UK’s youngest feature film director.

Our first feature film ‘Charlie’s Letters’ premiered in May 2017 as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, showcasing some of the youngest and most exciting local talent and depicting a true WWII Brighton story. It also screened at Edinburgh Fringe which we were very proud to have been part of.

As well as Charlie’s Letters, Hasler has also made ‘The Mayor Diaries’, a documentary charting the exploits of Brighton’s Mayor, which premiered on TV in February 2018 and a selection of short films.

Currently we are working on ‘To Hunt a Tiger’, a short film set in the British Raj, which features ‘Darkest Hour’ actor John Locke and we are also developing a feature about the first English woman to swim the Channel.

Our Latest Short movie ‘To Hunt a Tiger’

To Hunt a Tiger premiere at Soneva Jani Luxury Resort in The Maldives

Vindication Swim – Feature Film Now in Production

We’re proud to announce our new project Vindication Swim – a feature film based on a true story.

Synopsis: In the shadow of WW1, swimmer Mercedes Gleitze fights to overcome the patriarchal society of 1920s England, along with her troubled coach, to become the first English woman to swim the Channel. However, after a rival comes forward claiming to have already accomplished the feat, Gleitze is forced to battle against the Channel Swimming Association in order to retain her record and her legacy.

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"This 17 year old Brit might be the next Steven Spielberg..."

Film Critic Graham Fuller's Review of Charlie's Letters

To Hunt A Tiger

From acclaimed director Elliott Hasler, hailed as “the next Spielberg”, comes a remarkable tale of love, loss and adventure.

Set against the backdrop of early 20th Century India, a troubled English hunter travels to West Bengal with the intention of hunting an illusive and magnificent tiger.

Shot on location in Sri Lanka following in footsteps of David Lean’s ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, starring John Locke (Darkest Hour, The Favourite), Charlotte Peters (Pound of Flesh, Interlude in Prague), with Abhinav Varma as ‘The Guide’ and introducing David Aitchison as ‘The Hunter’.

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Charlie’s Letters

Shot over five countries and three years in the making comes aspiring Brighton-born director Elliott Hasler’s epic depiction of his great-grandfather, Charlie Standing’s experiences in WW2.

Charlie was a Private in the Royal Hampshire Regiment, and in 1943 was sent to Tunisia where he was subsequently captured durning the ferocious battle of Sidi Nsir.

He was then sent to various camps in Italy as a POW and after the signing of the Italian Armistice, simply walked out of the camp; alone and in an alien world, miles from home. Over the next 18 months he journeyed south, evading Germans, living with peasants and fighting with the underground resistance.

"Nootau" - A Short Film from the Wilderness

In the North American wilderness some years ago, a young man travelling across uncharted territory is warned by ageing Pawnee Indian of impending cold weather of great severity, the man decides to press on with his journey regardless…

Testimonials – See What the Industry are Saying About Us

“Hasler has pulled off a miracle, given the film’s girth and the richness of narrative on the home front, in North Africa, and in Italy. The last of the three significant combat scenes, during which Charlie has to blast his way out of trouble, has the brevity and brutality of a Samuel Fuller firefight. …What a phenomenal achievement Charlie’s Letters is for a schoolboy director! Aside from Hasler’s ambition, the most exciting aspect of his film is his ability to tell a story visually without over-reliance on talk. Five years from now, he could be a world-beater… This 17 year old Brit might be the next Steven Spielberg”

Graham Fuller – Film Critic

“I have been lucky enough to come across a local young man, Elliott Hasler, who has great talent as a film director. Elliott has been filming my mayoral year and I have got to know him very well. Elliott is working on a film celebrating his great grandfather, Charlie, called Charlies Letters, which will be premiered in this years Brighton Festival… Elliott has written and directed the and at 16 will be the youngest ever feature film director to show his work in the Brighton Festival.”

Councillor Pete West – Mayor of Brighton & Hove

“Elliott Hasler is an awesome talent – a young director with a very exciting future. Not only does he know what he wants to achieve on film, he seems to have learnt at a very young age that there are more effective ways of going about it than banging a fist and stamping a foot! Most budding directors cut their teeth on short films! Not Elliott! Straight into a feature film!”

Mike Carter – Director of MCN Productions

“It’s incredibly hard to make a film of any kind at any age,(I know as it’s my profession) but for a 16 year old to have not only completed a feature length film, but managed to make a period piece with army trucks, war scenes and themes with depth way beyond his years. It’s an incredible achievement and I am certain this is the beginning of Elliott bright future in film making. Loved it!”

Howard J Ford, Movie Director, Latitude Films

“Elliott Hasler aged 16 from Brighton is one of the most exciting young directors in the UK currently. His new feature film ‘Charlies Letters’ is due to be released in May following the 2 year production in between his GCSEs. He’s been shortlisted for the Pebble Award at the Brighton Fringe 2017. It’s a true story about an escaped PoW Private Standing, on the run it Italy for 18 months. The movie not only highlights his journey south through Tuscany towards the Allied lines but also the impact on his wife and son in war torn England. What makes this movie so compelling is that Private Charlie Standing is Elliott’s Great Grandfather.”

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Sussex Film Office

“I first met Elliott at a Susses Film Office event and for a first time, Director I was extremely impressed, to say the least, with what he has achieved. Starting at the young age of 14 and completing a feature film, taking two years…I take my hat off to you Elliott. I look forward to seeing the feature and wish Elliott all the best. Keep at it Elliott, it’s a Rocky Road ahead and more than happy to help where we can.”

Gilly Tully – Film Expo South

“An extraordinary achievement both in terms of location filming, accuracy of costume (Vicky Standing), props and vehicles. There is an earthy reality to the product a genuine and un-sanitised piece of storytelling that is always going to work as it is based on events and stories handed down to a family… Brilliantly, the home-coming itself is anti-climatic. One day, or less, of celebration then letters are put away in a tin and life goes on. Brutal in its truthful post-war portrayal. There is a final poignant scene which rounds off the art very nicely. Elliott Hasler will be certain to find his footing in a long and illustrious career.”

John Locke – Played Oliver Wilson in the Oscar winning film Darkest Hour.

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