About Relsah Productions

Relsah is an independent production company based in Brighton, offering both feature films and documentaries for cinema and television, directed by Elliott Hasler.


Elliott Hasler is currently the UK’s youngest feature film director, having completed his first feature, ‘Charlie’s Letters’, aged 16 after a 3 year production. ‘Charlie’s Letters’ premiered in his hometown of Brighton, selling out six of the seven showings. The film was also screened at the Edinburgh Festival and was shown on the Brighton Big Screen alongside ‘T2 Trainspotting’ and ‘La La Land’.

As well as Charlie’s Letters, Hasler has also made ‘The Mayor Diaries’, a documentary charting the exploits of Brighton’s Mayor, which premiered on TV in February 2018 and a selection of short films.

Currently he is working on a short film set in the British Raj, which features ‘Darkest Hour’ actor John Locke and is developing a feature about the first English woman to swim the Channel.

To find out more about our latest short film ‘To Hunt a Tiger’ click here.

Press Features & Interviews

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