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by Grant Archibald on Charlie's Letters

An absolutely amazing film production with a compelling WW2 story that is deserving of a far wider audience. I was kept on the edge of my seat for the full feature and at the end left wanting more from this newly turned 17 year old film maker who clearly has a unique talent and a great future ahead of him.Some of the outstanding camera work and effects was made even more impressive to me since Elliott only used a fairly standard camera and iPhone to produce this film.I look forward to your next film but only after you've passed your A Levels!Good luck!

by Alan Gibson on Charlie's Letters
The Futility Of War

Made on a comparative shoestring over 3 years, this creative telling of a young father's WWII experience as he strives to return home to his family showcases the creative talent of its teenage writer, director...and actor, Elliott Hasler.Pieced together from conversations with his great-grandfather, the story unfolds over several months as young Charlie is first captured by the Italians in Africa before finding a freedom of sorts, although there remains the small matter of surviving for months in occupied Italy. Interspersed with scenes from home in Brighton as his young wife (Tup) struggles to bring up their young son, Charlie encounters both friend and foe as he travels North and, ultimately, home.With some musings on the futility of war, this is an astonishing debut feature that sets a solid foundation for a rising talent in the UK film industry.

by Sussex Film Office on Charlie's Letters
A Great Acheivement

Excellent WW2 feature length film based on a true story. Well done Elliott! What a great achievement, you are definitely one to watch out for.

by Claire Skinner on Charlie's Letters
Astonishing Vision

Astonishing vision! A remarkable talent!

by Matt Reynolds on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's war

Up and coming indie film maker Elliott Hasler has directed and produced a moving and strikingly personal story about his great grandfather's experience of military service during World War Two. The plot takes us from Charlie's capture in North Africa to his escape following the Italian Armistice in 1943. All the while, we are reminded of the Home Front in Brighton as told through the life of his great grandmother Tup. The narrative flows with terrific pace and the location shots evoke a war-torn Italy during the 1940s admirably. Overall, this is a gripping and highly entertaining movie, which I cannot recommend enough. I wish Elliott every success with this and his future projects.

by Sue Hansen on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters Amazing

I cannot believe that someone of such a young age can produce such a professional film. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, which ended to soon for me. The next few days I kept thinking about the film, it blew me away.I felt emotional and I think that Elliott Hasler will one day be famous.

by John Richards on Charlie's Letters
Charlies Letters

I really liked Elliott's film ,I am relative(Simons my cousin). I was amazed at how professional the whole production was, It looks like he has great career ahead of him and I wish him well. I look forward to the next Film.

by Howard J Ford on Charlie's Letters
Incredible achievement!

It's incredibly hard to make a film of any kind at any age,(I know as it;s my profession) but for a 16 year old to have not only completed a feature length film, but managed to make a period piece with army trucks, war scenes and themes with depth way beyond his years. It's an incredible achievement and I am certain this is the beginning of Elliott bright future in film making. Loved it!

Action packed and moving story

A great film illustrating the struggles faced by many who fought in WW2 as well as those who were on the home front. The story moves along at just the right pace, with scenes of great action but also dramatic, poignant parts. I'm very pleased to have seen the film.

by Len Weaver on Charlie's Letters
New British Talent

Great story depicting a poignant time in history, directed well coupled with fantastic talented actors making Charlies letters moving to watch.

by Gretchen & Martin on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters

The film kept us spellbound, we were amazed at the talent of the young producer. The music was fantastic, especially as it was composed and the instruments all played by the same person. Alice and David's parts were very moving and they played them excellently.

by Claire on Charlie's Letters

A beautifully shot film which evoked the atmosphere of the time. It is really good that young people recognise the importance of recording stories of past events for future generations to enjoy. It is a thought provoking film that would appeal to a wide range of ages.

by Sheila Evans on Charlie's Letters
Young talent

A very impressive film by someone so young and showing impressive talent, Elliott has shown such imagination in making this film of survival in the Second World War through stories handed down from Grand Parents, enjoyed the fim very much, would recommend anyone to see it, this is how young talent starts and with dedication to set for a bright future.Congratulations to Elliott on his success .. Sheila from London

by Michael Young on Charlie's Letters
Imprersssive first film

An extraordinary accomplishment by a young director.. Well acted and a fascinating story of family history.

by Charlotte Kent on Charlie's Letters
Very impressive

An accomplished debut from a very young writer and director. Beginning the film aged 13 and taking 3 years to complete, Elliott Hasler has created an atmospheric and haunting film, which pays tribute to his great grand-father. The young lead actors portray the love and hope between Charlie and Tup and Jamie Scarratt's score perfectly reflects the brutality of war and the times of peace. Congratulations.

by Susan Thompson on Charlie's Letters
Wonderful First Film

Charlie’s Letters is a wonderful debut film by a very talented team: the highly intelligent teenage director/actor Elliott Hasler; the natural young actress Alice Rogers and a super cast of character actors including friends and family - filmed in Sussex and Italy.The film tells the true life story of the horrors of WWII as Charlie finds his way home to his beloved wife Tup in England through war torn Italy. It is brought vividly to life by Ellliott’s emotionally charged atmospheric filming and an inspiring musical score by Jamie Scarratt.A natural and inspiring first film, which brings to mind the work of the artist Joseph Beuys in the healing forest scenes as well as in the young director’s honest and inclusive approach to filming - as he seems to do his very best to ensure that “everyone is an artist”Congratulations on your great success, looking forward to the next film!

by Hilary on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters

A poignant movie that I really enjoyed and have recommended to others. Accomplished acting, visuals, sound and directing. Good luck with it!

by Michelle on Charlie's Letters
Young talent

So lovely to see asuch a young and talented local film maker .Charlie's letters is a wonderful true story of enduring love through ww2Great achievement by such a young director and the talented cast of local young actors and actresses.

by Tessa on Charlie's Letters

As a film fanatic I have watched many war films before and yet Charlie's Letters was a unique experience for me. The film focuses on how the war affected not only soldiers but also families. Aside from the fighting scenes the film also has moments of quiet meditation. This silence actually heightened the sense of foreboding whilst also making the story more believable; soldiers weren’t just relentlessly fighting like other films might have you believe, there were also days of painful waiting and travelling and this is reflected in Charlie's Letters.Highly recommended!

by Gillian Tully on Charlie's Letters
Very Impressed

I first met Elliot 2 years ago at a Sussex Film Office networking evening. At the age of 14, he already had his trailer in hand as a calling card for Charlie's Letters and was in the progress of making the feature. What an achievement!! I would have happily screened Charlie's Letters at Film Expo South. You are an inspiration Elliot and if this is what you can do at 14, you're definitely a Director to look out for in the coming years!!

by Vivian and Valerie Thomas from Surrey on Charlie's Letters
Charlies Letters

We travelled to Brighton from Surrey with high expectations. We were not disappointed, surprised perhaps, at the undoubted excellence and entertainment value of the film . For someone so young Elliott has a precocious talent. He is outwardly relaxed, technically competent, creative and handles himself with poise and confidence. He also possesses emotional intelligence virtually unheard of in someone so young and we found the film very evocative. Whatever career he chooses he will succeed. I would unhesitatingly have him in any business be it Show biz or the other types.

by Wendy on Charlie's Letters
Well Done!

It's wonderful that the film is based on the true story of Elliott's great-grandfather who would be so proud of his great-grandson's achievement. Well done and congratulations to everyone who took part, particularly the two young leads, Ellis and Alice.

by Cherie on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters

I thoroughly enjoyed Elliott's film and appreciated all the hard work he has put in over the last three years. Not giving up on it and continuing to improve his filming skills and techniques have paid off with this story of his Great Grandfather Charlie. As a young 16 year old Elliott can only improve, learn more and gain further experience which will hopefully one day establish him as a professional within the film industry. Elliott is a very gifted young man.The actors who played Tup and Grimes were also excellent and I wish them well for the future with their acting careers. The young lad who created the music score did a great job;it brought emotion to the film and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.Great stuff!

by Paul scammell on Charlie's Letters
Charles letters

Really good film great story basted on true life .for such a young man to do this its amazing mane role directory he must go along way in the world of film

by Julie & Steve on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters

Elliott ~ Alice ~ JamieThree young talented people!Three great futures!Great support from family and friends, well done everyone!

by Pete West on Charlie's Letters
Charlie's Letters - outstanding

Elliott has been filming my year as Mayor of Brighton & Hove, yet I'd never before seen his finished work. I was simply astounded... Charlie's letters is a feature length film, produced with little budget, using what scenes he can conjure out of the modern world to create a dramatic portrayal of his great-grandparents war time experiences in Brighton and Charlie's escape across Italy. Elliott not only superbly directs his screenplay, but plays the leading role. At just 16 are we looking at the next Spielberg?

by Irene weaver on Charlie's Letters
Well done cast

I really enjoyed taking part in Charlie's letters as Grandmother, a big thank you to Simon and Elliott for giving me the part. Alice Rogers my "Real life" Grandaughter who played Tup done so in a natural and convincing way - well done to all the cast and best wishes for the future.

by Jan H on Charlie's Letters
Outstanding film - a Fringe winner

Charlie's Letters is a highly creative film with both poignancy and passion, written by a man talented beyond his years. The subject matter of a second world war veteran's escape from the p.o.w. camp and his subsequent voyage back to the UK is on one hand an ordinary story of a grandfather's exploits within someone's personal family history, but with the knowledge of this film being a sixteen year old's creation it becomes an extraordinary piece of work. What next will this young man achieve in the cinematic genre. I for one will be looking forward to his next production.

well done ell

great film, looking forward to the next

Emotional and thought provoking

Admittedly, Tup and Charlie are my Grandparents so of course this was a really emotional and powerful movie for me personally. Yet, Elliott's mature and sensitive portrayal of the effect of war on ordinary people will surely resonate widely. Yes, Elliot honours the bravery of his own family but also manages to poignantly comment on the horror and awful atrocities of war. I deeply proud of you Elliott.Also must add Alice is wonderful as Tup! And Simon is a very convincing rural, Italian farmer. Who was that really cute, little boy that played their son Terry?

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