The week of 26th February 2018 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Hampshire Regiments (RHR) iconic WW2 battle of Sidi N’Sir.

To commemorate this event the critically acclaimed feature film ‘Charlies Letters’ will be screened at the Harbour Lights cinema Southampton on Saturday 3rd March, 10.30 am. The remarkable thing about this movie is that it was written and directed by the Great Grandson of Private Charlie Standing the protagonist of the film and one of our Veterans who was captured in this battle.

See the personal note of writer and director Elliott Hasler, who at 17 years old became the youngest director to ever feature at the Edinburgh Festival.

“The movie is the true story of Private Charlie Standing of the RHR, my Great Grandfather who was captured at this battle, then subsequently escaped the PoW camp in Italy. He was then alone and on the run in war torn Italy evading capture in order to get back to England to see his wife and young son. 

It debuted last year at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals (I was aged 16) and was critically acclaimed following the screenings. NYF critic Graham Fuller headlined, ‘this 17 year old Brit might be the next Steven Spielberg’.

Not only would I like to get anyone interested in true war movies to come to see it but I would love to share my family history with many others of similar family stories. Following the 1hr 20 min movie I will be running a Q&A afterwards”.

Tickets are £6 and available via the button below.

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