To Hunt a Tiger

Our next short movie ‘To Hunt a Tiger’ staring John Locke (Darkest Hour) and Charlotte Peters (The Epilogue) is to be screened in 2019. Take a preview of some of the filming so far below.

From acclaimed director Elliott Hasler, hailed as “the next Spielberg”, comes a remarkable tale of love, loss and adventure.

Set against the backdrop of early 20th Century India, a troubled English hunter travels to West Bengal with the intention of hunting an illusive and magnificent tiger.

Shot on location in Sri Lanka following in footsteps of David Lean’s ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, starring John Locke (Darkest Hour, The Favourite), Charlotte Peters (Pound of Flesh, Interlude in Prague), with Abhinav Varma as ‘The Guide’ and introducing David Aitchison as ‘The Hunter’.

The Making of ‘To Hunt a Tiger’

View a selection of photos below and the full album so far on IMDb here.

Elliott Hasler: Relsah Productions. The making of a film company and making the most of circumstance and chance.

John Locke has written this great detailed blog about the filming progress so far, have a read of the full blog here.

“When the Hasler family decided it was a “Trip of a Lifetime” time, with youthful but already experienced filmmaker, Elliott Hasler (“Charlie’s Letters” and “Refuge”) going off to University and, possibly, the family not having the opportunity to be together in the same way, it was decided Sri Lanka would be a great destination. Excellent, if all you wanted to do was to enjoy the beaches, the culture and the spectacular scenery with your family. But Elliott Hasler, inevitably, had other ideas and, like the natural Independent Film Maker he is, conceived and visualised the opportunity for a new short film arising out of this family opportunity. Thus it was that “To Hunt a Tiger” was born.”… – John Locke

Behind the Scenes…

View a selection of photos from Ivor Knox, a photographer who shadowed us whilst filming. View the full album here on Ivor’s Flickr.

Latest from the blog…

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